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Life In Stasis

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Long time, no post... [Sep. 2nd, 2009|06:09 pm]
Life In Stasis

Well it has been quite some time since I have posted to here. So I figured what the hell, update time.

Many changes here since the last post. I am now in the Navy, I will have been in 3 years in December.

Isabelle is now 5 years old, and is quite the handfull. She is going to be too smart for her own good and my sanity.

We all live in SD where I am stationed. It's nice but it's no Seattle.

Well I think that is it for now.

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About What I Expected... [Mar. 21st, 2005|02:05 pm]
Life In Stasis
You scored as Satanism. Your beliefs most closely resemble those of Satanism! Before you scream, do a bit of research on it. To be a Satanist, you don't actually have to believe in Satan. Satanism generally focuses upon the spiritual advancement of the self, rather than upon submission to a deity or a set of moral codes. Do some research if you immediately think of the satanic cult stereotype. Your beliefs may also resemble those of earth-based religions such as paganism.




















Which religion is the right one for you? (new version)
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It's a ... [Mar. 25th, 2004|07:55 pm]
Life In Stasis
[mood |excitedexcited]

So we went to the Doctor today for the ultrasound to check for any developmental problems and all was looked fine. While there we found out that we are going to have a little girl. I'm excited she will be so gorgeous as long as she looks like Sarra.
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It's The End Of The World As We Know It... [Mar. 8th, 2004|12:53 pm]
Life In Stasis
Since I'm posting today I guess it's a good time to say that Sarra and I found out December 9th we're going to be parents. We had been trying for a bit and it was nice to find out the day before my birthday that she was pregnant.

We go to have an anatomical ultrasound to check on the health of the little one, and find out the sex the 25th of this month. She is due the 14th of August which means she will unfortunately be going through the end of the pregnancy during the hottest time of the year.
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The Scariest Web Site I have Ever Been To.... [Mar. 8th, 2004|08:08 am]
Life In Stasis
[music |Bleeding Through - "Love Lost in a Hail of Gunfire"]

I was reading some news on yahoo.com and there was a quote from a member of the christian coalition(sounds like a bad wrestling tag team) saying that the Mayor of Seattle recognizing out of state gay marriages for public employs health benefits and the what not is "Anarchy", so I decided to check out their website.

Some of the information I read on this page read like an Orwell novel, these people seriously want to move us back to the early days of the century and keep the women barefoot and pregnant. There is a petition on the site to President Bush to keep women in military out of harms way. My sister is currently in a forward area as a Naval "medic" and she would have it no other way, I'm also sure there are many other women who feel the same way my sister does and would be hurt to be told they should not be there.

They also have a petition to "stop judicial tyranny in America". In it they say "For the past 50 or so years, our federal judges have indeed been overriding the will of the American people and legislating from the bench: taking prayer out of schools (1962;) taking the Pledge of Allegiance out of schools because of the words "Under God" (2003;) taking the 10 Commandments out of the public square (2003;) and removing God from all public places in America through hundreds of tyrannical decisions."

Over riding the will of the "People"?

I would say upholding the Constitution is what they were doing. The last time I checked prayer was allowed in school, but school "sanctioned" prayer was not(i.e. an individual or group could meet early for class or before lunch and pray, the school could not back them or force others to pray). I believe the Pledge of Allegiance fits this also, all though I think it should be modified to it's original state by removing "one nation under god"(that's right kiddies that line was not added until 1954).

The same would go for the Ten Commandments outside of the courthouse in Alabama. I'm sure these people would have a heart attack if a state supreme court judge put up something that was out of the Torah or the Koran. The idea is the Government is not supposed to endorse one religion(remember the pilgrims). Imagine going in to your state Supreme Court being Jewish or Muslim, and passing this large sculpture of the Ten Commandments. You would feel as is you had already lost. Also God has not been removed from all "public places", I still see churches at most street corners, and fast food restaurant signs saying "God Bless America". It has been removed from government run "Public Places".

Well since all of these "Tyrannical" things have happened the "coalition" supports making an end run around the Supreme Court and pushing for Amendments to the Constitution, including a ban on gay marriages. This sounds like a great idea to me. Since it's ratification in 1788 there has been one and only one amendment that denies any right to any people and that was prohibition, which was eventually overturned a few years later, and was directed at the entire country not an individual grouping of said people.

I don't know I just find it hard to believe that in a time where we have a world in such chaos the biggest problem some people can find is letting two people who love each other get married, and then have no problem twisting the foundation that has made this not only a lasting Democracy but the strongest our world has seen to their benefit.
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(no subject) [Feb. 15th, 2004|11:18 pm]
Life In Stasis
Marriage is love.
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Um, Yeah...... [Sep. 19th, 2003|06:24 pm]
Life In Stasis
[music |Cradle Of Filth - "The Promise Of Fever"]

You belong in Seattle, Washington!

Looks like you would fair well in the Emerald City.

You're down to earth and laidback.
are you thinking of starting a band?
this is the place to be for music lovers.

Where Do You Belong?
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Ok took one of these stupid quizzes, and who would have guessed I got it to say Seattle.
But then I checked the see all results and....

You belong in Las Vegas!

How cool are you?
You always know what's hip
and happening.
You love living in the lap
of luxury
and having a good time while
you're at it.

Last time I checked Utah was the Beehive State and Nevada was the Silver State. I think who ever made this needs to take an IQ test.
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Back From Seattle [Sep. 16th, 2003|03:48 pm]
Life In Stasis
[music |Johnny Cash - "The Ballad Of Ira Hayes"]

We got back late last night from Seattle. But before I get into any of that....

I woke up Friday to Jon telling me Johnny Cash died. I knew it wouldn't be long after his wife died but it's still hard. The man was amazing, he influenced artists from every genre of music, said the most intense things in so few words. "I walk the line" is the most covered song ever. Friday was a sad day but he'll never be truely gone, there will still be his songs, the covers people will do, and the new stuff he recorded after June died.

Johnny you are and always will be the MAN.

ps. Holly thanks for the note on Friday.
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(no subject) [Sep. 4th, 2003|03:52 pm]
Life In Stasis
[music |Poison The Well - "Parks and What you Meant To Me"]

Must get tickets for some shows coming up at House of Blues(still seems weird to think I'll see these bands at a casino).

October 5th - Poison The Well, Shadows Fall, Avenged Sevenfold, This Day Forward and Throwdown

November 18th - Slayer and Hatebreed

Only thing about shows here is for a place way smaller than Seattle there werea lot of 'tards at the last show I went to. Of course it's been awhile since I've been to a show in Seattle so it may be just as bad.
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(no subject) [Sep. 4th, 2003|03:48 pm]
Life In Stasis
[music |Cradle of Filth - "Her Ghost In The Fog"]

After Sarra and I get back from Seattle I'll still be able to get dope candy from.....Uwajimaya.
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